Saturday, July 23, 2011

all things green

happy happy basil

Over the last few weeks [yes I am aware of my uncanny ability to abandon my blog for weeks at a time...] we've been greening up our home with new produce from the garden, farmer's market goods, green cleaners and new projects.

Let's start with the garden.  Charlie and I spent a good two hours out there this afternoon weeding and watering that pathetic little patch.  Although I had planned a luscious, delicious and inviting garden, the whole thing hit a little roadbump called reality...oh well, there's always next year to get a good one in the ground.  Gardening is something I hope my little family remains steadfast in doing for the rest of our lives; as pathetic as my little weed patch may be, those tomatoes and basil leaves and peppers are all things I don't have to buy at the store this summer, and they were grown organically.  One of my biggest goals in parenting is helping Lydia become aware of where her food comes from, and having a productive, exciting garden is one way to accomplish that.

My houseplants are also still alive! I have some herbs growing outside, mint, rosemary and chives, and all kinds of houseplants that I have yet to kill. This is a big deal, since watering and routine plant maintenance wasn't really my thing. But they beautify my house, add oxygen to our air, and generally make the place feel more home-y.

We've been enjoying a regular Thursday morning routine of heading to the farmer's market across the street. This week held a particularly yummy, and large, bounty of fresh produce (and I bought a peach pie). For ten bucks I got this:
green beans, chard, kale, radishes, kohlrabi, beets and lettuce

I've also tackled trying out some green cleaning ideas, and so far so good.  We found out a couple of weeks ago that Lydia tested positive for a high enough concentration of lead to warrant another diagnostic test (venous, ugh) before she turns a year old.  I've been cleaning nonstop ever since, using vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and lots of Mrs. Meyer's products--especially the ones with the basil scent.

Stay tuned for more posts dedicated to a new life-long journey of health for our little family! I have a breastfeeding post that's about half-written that I'll be sharing soon as well. :)
a delicious day at the pool

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