about me

my name is Katie
and I am in an incredible, can't-believe-this-is-my-life relationship with the man I love.  his name's Charlie:
aren't we just cute.

we became engaged to one another in a heartfelt, albeit impromptu, moment on a whale-watching cruise in Alaska near Aialik Glacier in Kenai Fjords National Park. after dating for a year+, both of us knew we'd found our 'person' in each other: the person that makes us happier, smarter, better.  we have yet to even start planning except for asking a favorite local band (smitty and the sound, for those interested) to play at our wedding.

and then, once I realized I was completely and totally head over heels with this guy...
I got a massive case of baby fever that was further exacerbated by ridiculously cute kids who attended the school I was employed by, cute and amazing babies in my kindergartners' families, and by seeing families in action living lifestyles I'd always dreamed of.  hence, over Christmas break of 2009...


except she wasn't exactly a whoops.  whoops would indirectly mean a mistake, which Lydia hasn't turned out to be in the slightest.  in fact, she was just what we needed. she makes us infinitely better people, each day teaching us something about family and ourselves.
our family is into some cool stuff.

breastfeeding.fishing.home improvement projects.amateur container gardening.beer drinking.cooking together in the kitchen--all three of us.writing.working hard.reading to Lydia.a glass of wine at the end of the day.traveling.being cozy.being sassy.being.

so there you have it.  Chuck, Kate and Lydia Grace.  our little family journey in a nutshell, here for your reading pleasure.
thanks for visiting. :)