Monday, April 11, 2011

Lydie Lou's latest

at the Early Bird track meet at MCC
I thought I'd better write a little post myself on here instead of letting everyone else post for me :) It's been so nice having different voices on here, but I also love to write and talk about what's going on with our family, namely our darling daughter.  Lydia's got some teeth coming in, complete with the classic symptoms:
  • Fussier than normal 
  • Red, swollen and bubbly gums 
  • Red cheeks 
  • Stinky, stinky diapers 
  • Constant gnawing on anything she can get in her little mouth 
  • Straining, grunting and altogether different vocalizations that let me know she's working through something a little tougher than pooping 
Poor thing. She handles it like a trooper though, giving us lots of smiles and mischievous looks during the day. I've heard of babies going through teething a lot worse (and a lot better), so we just work through each day the best we can and hope that it's over sooner than later. I have a feeling the two top teeth will make their appearances next; her little bottom ones are so cute. Before she had teeth I couldn't imagine what she'd look like with them...we must just be getting used to seeing them in there. I go through all of her little baby pictures and see those big first smiles with no teeth and get a little always, I question where my tiny little one went.
so excited to be outside!

It occurred to me today as I was sitting and nursing Lydia that our rhythm/schedule has been getting much, much better. I think we did our best to combine both the attachment parenting and parent-led philosophies of raising children...we have a pretty good idea of how our days will go, but allow for some flexibilities when it comes to timing. For instance, Lydie wakes up once or twice in the night yet, but goes back to sleep after about nursing 5 minutes or so and some rocking. Then she'll get up around 7, 7:30, nurse, play, and nap till about 10. Then we play play play till I nurse her down for a nap at noon or one, and then it's my chance to get some things done around the house as she naps for about two hours. She'll eat supper with us, play some more, take a bath, get her jammies on, hear a lullabye or ten while nursing, and we'll finally rock her to sleep about 8:30 or 9:00. Depending on what we're up to that day the timing of said events is likely to change, but we pretty much have the sequence down to an art.

I hope that our scheduling and intentionality when it comes to her daily rhythm hasn't been in vain. I know that it's helped me keep up with how I want our days to flow, and it gives her stability and a routine she can depend on. I've heard of parents doing the extremes on either side: no rhythm and totally going with the flow on what baby needs at that particular moment, and others have their days scheduled down to the minute. Both are valid ways of raising children; I chose to branch between the two because I think that flexible routine approach is best for Lydia and is aligned with where she is developmentally. At her age she needs to know what's coming next; it gives her a sense of security in her day. And actually, it does for me too. I haven't been too good about keeping up my weekly rhythm that I blogged about earlier, but the days don't seem like they're frittered away either. :) 

out cold from all the fresh air

We have been able to get her outside for tons of playtime and walks this last week with the gorgeous weather. My stroller is finally being put to really good use! We've started taking more family walks if Charlie's home; after supper is a perfect time to stroll through Slayton as the sun goes down. And I can always find a buddy to walk with during the day...Lydia's so happy and content burrowed in all the blankets I put in her stroller seat, and away we go for hours of walking. Good for me, good for her! Here's hoping for continued outside time and teething success as we make our way into the summer months.

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