Monday, April 25, 2011

new discoveries

Okay, so this isn't so much a green post (that's coming tomorrow morning) but rather a little picture post. I just figured out, in the last three minutes, how to connect my phone to my Macbook via Bluetooth in order to send over all my phone photos. I take more pictures with my cell than my regular POS, oh sorry PAS-point and shoot, because my cell's always at the ready and sometimes it takes better pictures. I downloaded all of them (over 200) in less than 30 seconds, testament to the technological advances in communications I never knew possible until tonight. I had turned on my Bluetooth to print some pictures over at the drugstore's photo kiosk, and my computer automatically connected to it when it read that my Bluetooth was still powered on. So cool.

All of the pictures were beautiful to me and fun to scroll through, but a few caught my eye. I don't do just photo blogs much...some blogs just do photo essays and family catch-ups and aren't so writing-oriented, and I love looking through their incredible pictures...but these little gems made me want to do a photo post :) so without further baby.
Grandma Nature and Lydia in deep conversation at Easter
5 months, helping in the kitchen

5 months, out like a light

:) bathtime

learning to crawl with Daddy

mmm blanket spaghetti

dancing with Daddy

bouncing in the sunshine

hoppy Easter, little bunny!

helping Mommy get dressed for Easter
Lydie and her buddy Collin

opening her Easter basket

going on a little walk before church

Gramma Gaylene's carrots and parsnips were the best!
cheesing for the camera

just born.  2nd night together

blahhhh. 2 months

:) 2 months

first ever smile...she did it for Grandma Paula!

sweet little grins :)

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