Sunday, May 22, 2011

cloth wipes and a booty spritzer!

So, we're using mostly cloth wipes!

I haven't invested enough time and money in cloth diapering yet, which is somewhat disappointing.  Once we have enough cash set aside to purchase enough for a steady rotation, I'll get a few more Mud Butts and FuzziBunz. In the meantime, however, I switched us over to cloth wipes, and we've saved maybe $10 so far with it.

The wipes are 5" squares of pretty flannel, serged on the edges by our local seamstress.  The wipe solution that we use with them was super easy and cheap to concoct.  I mixed it in a Mason jar, poured some into a little spritz bottle, and every time Lydia's got a diaper change I spray a little on her tushy and wipe it with a cloth wipe:

1 tbsp sweet almond oil (you can use baby oil, apricot kernel oil, etc.)
3 cups filtered water
2 drops lavender oil
1 tbsp lavender-scented baby soap

I'll post pictures later :) Happy wiping!

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