Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

so sweet
Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful, amazing moms. I'd be lost without mine, and I'm ever grateful to be Lydia's.


  1. Hey beautiful lady! I hope you had a great mothers day :) I was going to write you an email but I couldn't remember where on earth I saw your email address on your blog.

    I wanted you to take a look at the new blog I started so you can give me some tiips/suggestions...or just keep in touch with me and Daniel!

    email me momma!

    Take care and miss you,

  2. Thank you Katie! Your blog is so pretty!! Keep up the awesome job!

  3. Ms. Katie Freeman!
    I am preggers and want some advice on natural childbirth. Please email me!!

    Ashley (Beans)