Friday, December 31, 2010


Baby-wearing. It's something we've just gotten into a smidge. I put a Lovey-Duds wrap on my Christmas wish list this year for Santa, and the wonderful old guy delivered! The instructional DVD that accompanied the wrap was useless (literally--it didn't work in my computer) so I YouTubed both homemade and the original clips for ideas on how to tie it to my body.
There were a few ways to do it, none of which recommended carrying Lydia facing forward, as it puts pressure on a baby's lower spine and pelvis. There were hip carries, front carries, ways to sling it over your back...other mamas are super-creative when it comes to dedicated baby-wearing! As newbs to the whole thing I chose the front carry, which Lydia hated at first. She's used to being faced forward or over my shoulder when I carry her, so being snuggled in and faceplanted to my chest was NOT desirable, and she let me know it. But throughout the day we tried again when she wasn't fussy, and she fell asleep after about 15 minutes in the thing. I'll have to practice more ways of tying it.
My friend Jenny and her son Collin, all wrapped up :)

When I first started researching, I had no idea there were so many ways to carry a baby! There are Moby wraps, PeaPods, Lovey Duds wraps, Snugglis, backpacks, front packs, slings...the list was seemingly endless! I chose the Lovey Duds wrap off of Etsy ( because it was pretty (pffft don't judge) and it looked the most versatile, similar to the Moby wrap. Apparently the Moby wrap is more of a jersey material and stretchier; the Lovey Duds wrap has a little give, but not much. I'll have to try other ways, but for now I think Lydia and I could get used to this! It will certainly free up my hands and be better for my posture and chiropractic bill--Lydia's getting big! :)
Lydia and I out on the prairie...this is a Snuggli

What ways do you carry your baby, and why do they work for you? I'd be interested on hearing more about what other moms are doing out there!

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