Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the Indiscreet Breastfeeding Manifesto

I was introduced to Mothering a while ago. It's a phenomenal bi-monthly magazine, complete with articles on pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, lactivism, cloth diapering, organic foods and household products...a true wealth of fun and current trends in motherhood. Once in a while, an article will really hit home for me. This month happened to hold a story entitled From Bashful to Brazen: The Indiscreet Breastfeeding Manifesto (,1).

In the 15 weeks (has it been that long already?!) that I've been breastfeeding, I have come across some incredibly provoking material, from the mouths of friends and relatives, and those of complete strangers. Voices asking me to feed my daughter in a bathroom. Put a blanket over her head while she eats. Don't whip those things out here, that's nasty. If you wouldn't change her diaper at the table in a restaurant, you shouldn't feed her there either. You're showing too much skin, people will look at you. You're bleeding, hurting and she's crying, just stop and give her formula already. The amount of negligence and shame a breastfeeding mother goes through in a day is astounding, and until you're actually doing it, feeding your baby in the best way you feel and know's hard to understand why I then feel so vehemently about the whole thing. It's really a defense mechanism.

Part of the article included a manifesto, a creed that breastfeeding mothers can learn and repeat, post or divulge to other mamas and supporters. I instantly fell in love with the wording. Here it is, from I hope it inspires and encourages those who are struggling to get lactation support.

  • I will nurse my child anytime, anywhere, no matter who is present or what I am wearing.
  • I will bare my breast with pride and confidence.
  • I will not apologize for nourishing and nurturing my child.
  • I will not smother my child with a napkin or blanket.
  • I will smile at everyone around me and ignore rude stares.
  • I will know that I am giving my child the perfect infant food from the most efficient, ecological, and economical delivery system.
  • I will know that I am giving my child the healthy start that is his or her birthright.
  • I will set an example for women and girls, educate the public, dispel breastfeeding myths, desexualize the breast, and make the world a better place, all through the simple act of feeding my child.

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