Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Just a quick post...I have been wicked busy getting things done around my house because one of my best friends from grad school, Bethany, is coming to visit for a while! I'm so excited to see her. She was along for the ride at our 21 week ultrasound, when we found out Lydia was a girl :) and she was ultra-supportive and helpful as I was packing up to move back to Minnesota from Alaska. I know she'd probably be like, "Kaaaaate...you don't need to do all that cleaning/organizing/etcing for me" but I have new motivation and a renewed sense of household purpose, and I am NOT letting that kind of energy go to waste! My storage room, now guest bedroom, is now all cleaned out and pretty, our own Mount Chapman of laundry has shrunken considerably, and Lydia is getting better by the day at picking up her toys.

Back to the reason for my post (besides the fact I was letting time between posts get a little long)! I am curious to see if anyone else out there would like to author a blog post. I'm thinking mom/family related issues, or a current event or topic that you're interested in exploring? If anyone out there would like to be linked as a co-author on this blog, please email me at granola.freeman@gmail.com and let me know. It would be so cool to have more perspectives, and to develop a better sense of community on here. I know that your input via comments on the blog and on my Facebook have really helped me out with the things that keep popping into my head, so if you feel so inclined, you are now invited! Thanks!

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