Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Call for Authors: Meeting in the Middle

Hello wonderful readers!

I'm putting a call out to authors for posts included in a series called Meeting in the Middle. This is a chance for moms who breastfeed/fed in different ways (pumping exclusively, supplementing with formula, struggled with nursing, etc.) to tell their stories and shed light on varied issues that aren't generally covered in the quick Breastfeeding 101 you get at the hospital.

I have two wonderful posts so far, one from a mother who exclusively pumps to give her son with Down's Syndrome breastmilk, and another who had troubles with terrible mastitis (Melanie, I'm re-posting your blog because it really hit home for me and fits in this series). Please share your experiences and let us learn about challenges in breastfeeding. Posts don't have to be long, and I can always edit for spelling and grammar if you'd like. Just send some heartfelt text my way :) to my email address or on Facebook:


Thank you so much! I can't wait to read the resulting experiences.

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