Monday, March 7, 2011

our baby is growing?!

One and a half teeth.

The ability to look under a bucket for a toy she misplaced.

23 inches long and 15 pounds.

Eating solid foods with gusto.

Taking a bottle better and better each day.

Where did my little girl go?

Lydia will be six months old in a couple weeks, and I'm either in severe denial or complete oblivion. She's playing in front of me on the floor, sitting up unassisted and digging around in a bucket full of toys. I can hide her favorites, a long black ribbon and a string of pearls, at the bottom and she'll look through the others until she finds them. Then I pile all of them back into the bucket and start the process all over again. Her little hands deftly manipulate objects and bring them to her mouth to test them (edible? non edible?). Textures captivate her attention; she loves those little silk squares, and her grandma Chapman made her a quilt accented by chenille and flannel that keeps her running her hands over it all the time. She figured out how to open and close the door to the toaster oven while sitting on the counter in her Bumbo chair, so now whenever she helps us cook the kitchen rings with its slamming. And Daddy taught her how to bang on a pot with a wooden spoon.

I wish it were summer. I'd never actually wish time with Lydia away, but we are getting bored. I'm so tired of winter. We've exhausted all our favorite things to do around the house; the other day we looked at each other and sighed, having played one too many times with the kitchen sink and tub toys. So instead we spent an hour in the tub, splashing around at two in the afternoon.

But oh, child of mine, this summer we'll do so much!! I can't wait to take her to the state park every day to hike around Loon Island and explore the fishing ponds, looking for salamanders and turtles. I cannot WAIT to take her to the pool, and the park, to swing and slide and play outside. She'll probably be walking by September, her first birthday, and we'll be able to toodle hand in hand.

Here's to another fantastic six months, my darling. My friend Melissa wrote a very similar post about her Lydia Claire and mentioned that subsequent posts about her daughter would grow increasingly sappy as they neared their first birthday. I suppose I have to echo that and warn you of the same...every day I continue to be amazed by our little girl :)

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