Friday, March 25, 2011

Mud Butt Giveaway!

Lydia in her Mud Butt: Dark Chocolate PUL, Candy Pink and Sky Blue snaps!
I found a new mama blog to read, and with it comes a Mud Butt Giveaway!

Mud Butts are the new cloth diapers we've found, and boy do we love them. I have two, and hope to add one to the collection via a giveaway that Holly over at A Mommy's Blessings is doing.  I love finding new blogs to read, and Holly's seems really sweet. Give her blog a read, and enter the giveaway to secure a new Mud Butt!

Steps to getting a spot in the competition:

1. Leave a comment on her blog with the PUL cover and snap colors (you can choose up to two) on her blog, A Mommy's Blessings (here's the Mud Butt website)

2. Find and follow Mud Butt Diapers on Facebook. Leave a comment there.

3. Find and follow A Mommy's Blessings on Facebook, and leave a comment there too.

4. Blog about this contest, and leave a comment on HER blog with a link to yours.

Pretty simple! The Mud Butt diaper is worth it. I'll be doing a review of them after we get a system down...we literally just got them last week, so I'm trying to work them into our daily routine.

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