Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Plugged up. Ready for spring.

playing away the morning
excited and directing the band :)
oh, you're blogging about me?
We're plugged up around here. Stifled, bored, sick, and just plain plugged up.

I've had a cold that's varied in intensity and style for the last three weeks, and Lydia's been going through the same on top of teething and being stopped up in her little belly. We're getting tired of the same old toys, the same routine, the constant nose-wiping and nursing with nose-wiping breaks (THAT, my friends is sexy, when you have boogers on your boobs from your little one, pretty sure Charlie's never going to go near them again).

A few things have been going right, though. Charlie and I are on pretty good terms these days; we had a date night last Saturday, which was more than needed [we got in a fight on Sunday, cancelled our hot date on Monday and rescheduled to Saturday]. We laughed our way through a ridiculous dinner that cost way too much for the quality we received, and screamed ourselves hoarse at a following concert. I've also been seeing more of friends. Definitely need the break in the action (ha) around here, and it's amazing to see Lydia's face light up when new faces come to the door. That little girl loves (loves!) company! She's about half the size of her buddies Eli and Collin, but she loves taking swipes at toys with them and holding their faces with her tiny hands.

She's also been talking more, which lights up the house. She stopped babbling and cooing for a spell of about four weeks, and I was getting tired of the one-sided conversation. Now she's back to making some fun noises and surprising us with a new vocabulary. I found out a couple weeks ago that she loves hearing people whistle, and I'm more than happy to oblige for such a fascinated audience.

But like I was telling Jenny last night (said friend that visited), I am feeling cooped up, stifled, stuffled, and so incredibly ready for spring. More than ready. It's like a little anxious bubble inside me waiting to burst open like the irises and crocuses and daffodils in my MIL's garden. The stroller's sitting by the door, seed packets are on my kitchen table, Lydia's spring outfits washed and folded in her drawers, my sandals and running shoes out and waiting, windows ready to be flung open for some de-stuffing and spring cleaning! How bad can it be if I'm super ready to tackle spring cleaning?

For now, Lydia and I will continue to have good days with each other; we'll spend time with friends, eat good food, and focus on our family and the time that shouldn't be wished away. We'll go to the library and get some new books, take walks when the weather's cooperating, nurse away a lazy afternoon or two, and wait in hope for a beautiful spring :)

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