Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Funday

After a long day of shopping in Sioux Falls yesterday with a VERY cooperative six-month old, Charlie and I are ready for a nice and slow Sunday. Lydia woke up around 6:30am and nursed, and then I got Charlie up around 8:00 so that I could get in the shower and dressed for the day. Afterwards, I baked cinnamon rolls and hubby made breakfast bowls (grilled seasoned yukon gold potatoes, green peppers, onion, mushrooms, pork sausage, eggs, salsa, Cholula, and cheese); I made Lydia some cereal with bananas and pears, and we sat down to a big family breakfast. Now in food comas, we're relaxing before tackling the dishes.

I hope we can instill in Lydia some fun traditions and familiar, routine-y things we do together as a family. Family breakfasts whenever we can. Going out to the lake after breakfast dishes are done to walk and check out what's new at the state park. Watching fishing shows with Daddy as breakfast cooks. Making good food from scratch and reveling in the process, and eating said good food at the table family-style. When we were at Home Depot yesterday I bought some herb starter kits...basil, parsley and oregano. Hopefully I can get them started in our windows and Lydia can smell fresh herbs as they grow; another Sunday Funday project.

I grew up with the old adage of something close to "work done, then fun" and making work fun. It's something I still believe in, which is why I'm also going slightly crazy as I sit here blogging, knowing that I have a big messy kitchen to clean up. I also believe in family projects, getting the whole fam damily out there doing some gardening, or building a chicken coop/tree house/play set/play house (you should have HEARD Charlie and me in Home Depot brainstorming all the fun projects to do with Lydia as she grows up). Or something as easy as cleaning the house--when everyone pitches in, it gets done faster and we can get going on doing something more fun. And I think that everyone having a hand in big team projects gives a sense of responsibility and ownership. When I was growing up I hated it, but now I can honestly and without reservation say that my parents were right (Don't let it get to your heads, guys).

So today is Sunday, and we have some Funday plans. We had a big yummy breakfast, and we'll clean up the big, messy kitchen in a few minutes. Charlie's going to put together a shelf above Lydia's changing table for me this morning, and I have to launder cloth diapers. After I get done with work at New Horizons, we'll head over for my FIL's (father-in-law's) birthday party tonight. Maybe we'll even get a nice family walk in. Whatever the case, it's my hope that Lydia grows up knowing that her family is fun. Dorky, deliciously, deviantly fun :)

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